Become a Growth Marketer

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If you are fascinated by the ongoing tech boom & the buzzword Growth Marketing, this course is for you. In this foundational course, you will learn the on-ground realities of growing a tech product or a platform. I have created this course after filtering out the knowledge I have acquired while transitioning from performance to growth marketing so that you could know the most important things without going through the hassle. Moreover, during my tenure at Savyour, I've taken the user base to over 1M and simultaneously generated multi-million dollars in terms of GMV, all because of the skills I'm going to teach here. This course will cover: ✅ Introduction to Growth Marketing This module covers everything you need to know to get started with growth marketing. 👉 What is Growth Marketing 👉 Growth Marketing Mindset 👉 6 Pillars of Growth Marketing 👉 Who should become a Growth Marketer ✅ How to Acquire New Users Learn about various ways you can use growth marketing, to acquire new users for a product or a platform. 👉 How to form your Acquisition Strategy 👉 Paid Linear Channels: Advertising & Influencer Marketing 👉 Acquisition Loops & Referral: Leveraging product features to bring new users 👉 Important KPIs to measure acquisition’s effectiveness ✅ How to Convert & Retain Users The most important part of growth is to convert & retain users, this is where we take a deep dive into the science of user retention. 👉 4 stages of User Retention 👉 How to Onboard New Users 👉 3 Types of Users 👉 Retention Loops: How user's action brings them back to product 👉 User Journeys to Increase LTV 👉 Growth Experiments: Why, How & What ✅ Real-World Case Studies This module will give you an insight into how billion-dollar companies go about growth marketing. 👉 How Slack Acquired Users without Advertising 👉 LinkedIn’s Acquisition & Retention Loops 👉 Twitter’s Onboarding & Activation Journey 👉 How DropBox leveraged Referral program 👉 Homework for You